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Mfeed - multi-feed software for work with several PPC SE simultaneously, with detailed statistics and several algorithms to choose the most profitable BIDs and keywords. Sutra Traffic Shop - traffic shop Sutra TDS - professional web-traffic manager DeTypo - DeTypo - correct typos in keywords.
Mfeed - multi-feed software for work with several PPC SE simultaneously, with detailed statistics and several algorithms to choose the most profitable BIDs and keywords. 


There is a lot of PPCSE systems in the Internet, each of which approves that they pay more and better then others :). I have asked to myself a question - which PPCSE to choose? How to distinguish good PPCSE from bad? The answer has been found and as a result commercial product Mfeed appeared.

I have found, that according to new algorithm, while working with several PPCSE simultaneously, Mfeed allows to earn on 20 % (and in some cases up to 50 %) more money from the same traffic.

Project Mfeed has started in 2004, during this time a lot of features has been added.

Mfeed principle of work:

Before displaying results to the browser, Mfeed requests results from several PPCSE simultaneously.

I shall notice, that use of several PPCSE simultaneously, allows to prevent losses of the traffic when one of PPCSE does not work. Standard feed-scripts in this case lose traffic and money.

When Mfeed have received results from all PPCSE, it chooses results those from them which are the most profitable. Several factors used to consider "profitability" - the value of BID (cost of a clique), and "real percent" for each PPCSE.

Statistically calculated "real percent" is unique feature Mfeed and allows not only to distinguish "bad" PPCSE from "good", but also to correct displayed search results.
Among other things Mfeed has built in statistics on the searches/cliques, allowing at any moment to check all searches and cliques.

Additional algorithm has appeared in Mfeed versions 1.3. So-called RARE keywords algo - algorithm for work with "trash" traffic. This algorithm gets maximum profit from rare keywords, specifically calculating the most favourable word from keyword-phrases. The algorithm has been realized by the request of the client. Lately it has appeared that it is the irreplaceable tool for any SE-webmaster.

Mfeed 1.4 features

Interface features:

  1. Bolding (bold text) search keywords in headings and descriptions of search results
  2. Combined (from all PPCSE) recent/related columns in search results
  3. A possibility to use special syntax so that search results appeared as ""
  4. A possibility to insert search results directly into the page (doorway) by Javascript tags, it is similar to Google Adsense. An ideal variant for doorways (not banned by Google if made correctly).
  5. Javascript-protection of search results against BOTs-clickers (search engine bots and others).
  6. Simple and flexible open-source templates engine
  7. A possibility to set Banned URL - URL for searches which are not accepted by PPCSE
  8. Several display-options for search results:
    • Which algorithm to use (results of one PPCSE / the mixed results)
    • Quantity of displayed results
    • Opening of pages-results in new or in a current window
    • Template to use
    • Display of pictures for each site-result
    • Display only unique domains (considerably increases relevance of results for SE the traffic)
    • Display of BIDs for each result
    • Display chosen PPCSE for each result
    • Quantity of displayed recent/related words
    • Whether to use "Rare keywords algo" algorithm
Mfeed includes several simple designs. If you already have feed-design, it will be very simple to integrate it into Mfeed.

Admin area features and algorithms:

  1. Parallel loading of search results from several PPCSE simultaneously
  2. Two main algorithms:
    • Display of results from several PPCSE
    • Display of results only with one, the most profitable PPCSE
  3. RARE keywords algo - algorithm to work with "trash" traffic, an irreplaceable tool for any SE-webmaster.
  4. An interface for real-percent calculating
  5. Special algorithm for decreasing the quantity of "Expired clicks".
  6. Detailed statistics on profit, searches and cliques.
  7. Detailed statistics on every a clique, it is possible to see time of a clique, BID, keyword, template, User ID.
  8. Detailed statistics on profit, searches and cliques for every PPCSE.
  9. TOPs of searched-keywords and cliques-keywords, an opportunity to export keywords-data.
  10. Detailed statistics on every template, CPS (clickability) of template.
  11. Statistics of clicks-positions, for every template.
  12. Templates-Rotation system, a possibility to create an unlimited quantity of rotation-schemes. Consecutive and random rotation.
  13. Editing of templates directly from web-interface.
  14. A possibility to set the filters for every PPCSE from web-interface.
  15. Multi-accounts - a possibility to work with several accounts on one PPCSE

Supported PPCSE systems

Following PPCSE are supported:


If you work with others PPCSE - contact me, we shall discuss :)

Demo version

Mfeed demo.


Product Description Price
Mfeed Standard Mfeed with the license for one user $100

Mfeed is not binded to domain or a server. You can install it on unlimited number of domains and servers. The script does not use MySQL and works practically on any server with Zend. On an average server the script steadily holds ~1.000.000 searches per day (~10 per second).


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